Wednesday, April 12, 2006


The Elegant Universe is written by Einstein, edited by Jonathan and funded by Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, The National Science Foundation and The George D. Fund.

The video is about the beginning of the universe (the Big bang), the planet and everything happening on it. The Elegant Universe is the theory of everything in the universe. They said an apple (Shape) gave picture of the Universe. Isaac Newton discovered the force of gravity when an apple fallen from the tree and hit him on his head.

Albert Einstein gave the world a perfect picture of what the force of gravity was; even today we are still using his formulas. He spent the last 30 years of his life searching for a way to describe the force of nature in a single theory, which lead to the introduction of the string theory. String theory is the theory of everything. It states that ‘we may be living in the universe that reality we are mixing fiction'. Albert Einstein never lost hope in everything that he was doing, he understood the world's game of chance, he was confident in his work, and he was passionate to his work. He discovered two nucleus forces in the 1930s. This nucleus forces (NF) tight/put nucleus and protons tightly together. The NF is how all of nature works with the microscope, Quantum Mechanics. He discovered that it took 8 minutes for the sun to travel 93 000 000 miles in the earth. Nothing can travel faster than the sun.

Mathematics and Physics are related so as the electricity and magnetisms. They said the universe got smaller and harder and densely. However, all these theories showed that there was gravity disturbance with the absence of the sun.


At 4:34 AM, Blogger Rich Knight said...

It is based on the book Elegant Universe by Brian Greene who is a Professor of Physics and Mathematics at Columbia University.

You gave a good introduction, but never really explained what string theory was about!

Have a look at this review (URL below) and then possibly review the material to see if you can get more out of it.


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